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UO Fast Break Club Scholarship Update


FBC NOTE:  Amanda Delgado is the recipient of the UO Fast Break Club's Teresa Smith Women’s Basketball Scholarship Endowment Fund.

1. What is your major, Amanda?  
Digital Arts

2. What careers are you considering?
If I get the chance to play Overseas, then I would love to experience that. I would also like to be a graphic designer. I have an interest in advertising and marketing. I would overall like to stay in the world of sports; so working with a sports team is also high on my list.

141123-NC-226-wm23. We often see you talking passionately to the team during time outs while the coaches confer.  How do the other players react to this?
I honestly never hope to see a reaction or pay attention enough to get a reaction. I get my point across and let them know what we can work on or what is working. Even if some of the things I don’t say make sense, which is half the time I’m talking anyways, they all listen to that which is one thing I am thankful for. They hear it, and they are very open to what I have to say, or whatever any one has to say.  I honestly think you should ask them one day, I’m curious what they have to say. 

4. Given your “player­-coaching,” do you have any thoughts about being a coach?
I would love to be a graphic artist one day – to get my foot in the door, yes. If my artistic side doesn’t work out, coaching is definitely an option.  

5. How has the academic side of your stay at Oregon been? Are you satisfied with your education?
The academic side of Oregon has been AMAZING. You couldn’t ask for better staff, and advisors to lead you the way at the Jaqua. They help you in every way they can, and continue to help you move in the right direction in every aspect. Without hesitation they are there caring for your needs, to direct you to be successful off the court. Outside the Jaqua my digital art teachers are just as great, helping you with the critiques you can’t necessarily get from the Jaqua. I get the best of both worlds being an artist.

6. How have you changed from your freshman year to now
–– As a person?
As a person I have changed in the way I matured into an adult. Learning new things, paying for things on my own, just learning the ropes of the world. I think all aspects of my life have been easier to cope with as the years go by. Things aren’t as hard as they seemed freshmen year to now. I have become more confident in just the daily life, and daily world. Learning skills I never knew of, and growing as a person constantly.
––  As a player?
As a player, I have become more confident in myself. Being a senior now, is all about believing, and experience. I think that as a player I have been able to constantly grow. I also have had the pleasure of learning from two great coaches. I think just mentally becoming tougher as helped me as a player, and my game has started to follow.

7. What have been your biggest challenges here at Oregon?
I think my biggest challenge was my freshmen year. That year was definitely the hardest transition for me. I did not like being on my own – alone in another state with people I didn’t really know. Freshmen summer was one of the hardest summers I have ever been through, but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and grew out of that to see all the great people, and adventures I knew were coming. Also a challenge is going to be trying to transition when my collegiate life is over. I’m nervous for what the future holds, but excited for every opportunity that comes my direction.

8. Coach Graves was quoted before this season began as saying that, as far as defense, it was like he had 15 freshmen.  How has this new emphasis on defense impacted your play?
Switching from being a run and gun style was a transition for all of us, but something we all knew we wanted to do and take head on. Coach’s talk about mental toughness has impacted my play. It’s not being the fastest, or the smartest, but you have to be mentally tough to play defense. Being smart is nice, but being mentally tough, knowing you can do it, believing in yourself, and believing in the 14 other girls out there is what makes the defense work, knowing each one of us have each other’s back. I think that it’s impacted the way we play to make us tougher. I think this is something we continue to work on day in and day out to make us better as a team.

9. I haven’t confirmed this from the stats, but I have the impression that you seem to be playing more and shooting better this year.  Is this true? If it is, please tell us why.
If I have been shooting better, it’s because of the girls out on the court. They set wonderful screens to get me open, they give me the ball for me to shoot, so all the credit goes to them. They believe in me day in and day out, making baskets or not. We believe in each other’s abilities and they continue to help me grow as a player. So if it is true, I thank the girls out there on that court.

FBC NOTE:  Amanda Delgado is the recipient of the UO Fast Break Club's Teresa Smith Women’s Basketball Scholarship Endowment Fund. 


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