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an interview by UO Fast Break Club President, Jim Long

141109-westmnt-751-lk1. The team roster on lists your major as general social sciences, with an emphasis in crime, law, and society. What careers are you considering?

I am considering to be a police officer hopefully, or anything to do with the police force.

2. How has the academic side of your stay at Oregon been? Are you satisfied with your education?

The academic side here at Oregon has been great, but tough. I had to change my major when I got here, so I was a little behind and had to play catch up, but finally getting caught up, I have been able to take more classes that I enjoy.

3. You’ve played at two universities in wildly different cities and under three (or more?) head coaches, how has that affected you:

It’s definitely been a crazy ride. I really loved New York, and all my teammates and coaches that I got to meet and form life long relationships with. New York was great for me to broaden my horizons and to become more comfortable in my own skin. I never thought I would have three different head coaches. I knew transferring that I would have two, but three has been a lot. You just have to find it within yourself to adapt, and do it positively.

4. What have been your biggest challenges here at Oregon?

I think just trying to fit in. My first year here was definitely the hardest for me. Just transitioning teams is hard enough, but forming new relationships is hard sometimes as well. So just coming into Oregon is hard enough because the standards are high both academically and athletically, so trying to fit in was hard.

5. You seemed so relaxed at last Friday’s win over WSU. You played a great game too. Was it because you were playing so close to home?

Having my family in the stands is a big help because no matter how well you do or how bad you do they don't care. They are proud of you and happy for you regardless. But as the season goes on I just try to take it one game at a time and be as relaxed as I can be.

7. What changes have there been in your practices and your workouts this year?

A lot more focus on defense. We used to do a lot of defensive drills at Hofstra, and that is what helped us stay in games most of the season, so not sharpening those skills for a few years was tough, but now we work on defense most practices, and its been helpful.

8. We fans appreciate your willingness to chat with us. Anything you want to say to us here?

I would really like to say thank you. When I was at Hofstra we did not have a strong fan base, or even a group like the Fast Break Club who supported us every single game, no matter what the circumstances. You guys have been accepting of me ever since I got here and I cannot thank you enough for that. Like I said it was tough coming in as a transfer, but you guys especially have made me feel like I belong. So again, thank you, guys.


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