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Nine for Nine ~ UO WBB defeats UC Riverside 95-81!

Another Win! Another Great Gallery of Game Action Photos!

The UO WBB team is one more game into a zero loss preseason!  When was the last time the UO WBB went 8-0 from the beginning of the season?  Post your answer in the comments section below! 

IMG_3822-33-lxp-yWe have three more home games before we step into Pac-12 Conference season games. 

12/15  Tue at 5:00 p.m. ~  UC Riverside
12/17  Thurs at 6:00 p.m. ~  Portland State    
12/28  Mon at 6:00 p.m. ~  Seattle U   

IMG_4116-33-lxp-yU Oregon WBB vs Portland

Top Scorers
Lexi Petersen ~ 23 pts
Maite Cazorla ~ 18 pts
Jillian Alleyne ~ 15 pts
Lexi Bando ~ 11 pts IMG_4425-4-mc-y

(And yes, @SuperrJaay got another double-double!)

CLICK HERE to view the full Flickr gallery for UO vs Portland game photos.

Watching this team play such smart, intense, consistent and selfless basketball is a joy!  The chemistry they have together is something special.  Yes, the photos capture a lot of it, but it's nothing like being at the games!

See you at Matt Arena!

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