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Raffle Tickets for Marcus Mariota Framed and Autographed Sports Illustrated Cover Going Quickly

Framed SI Peaking Duck cover scanBack at the end of November UO Fast Break Club supporters heard about our special raffle of a framed copy of the Sports Illustrated issue with Marcus Mariota on the cover that Marcus has signed.  You may have seen our raffle ticket sales table before games at MKA. 

There's just one more game before the raffle drawing:  The Seattle U game on Dec. 28. 

Raffle tickets will be sold near the North Entrance to MKA before the game. In addition, some Bingo card sellers have raffle tickets to sell.  The raffle tickets will also be sold before the OSU game on January 10. The drawing is at halftime of that game.

While Marcus may well be on the cover of Sports Illustrated again, he won't be wearing the Duck yellow on any of those covers!  This SI "Peaking Duck" issue is a keeper! 

For just $5 you can help the UO Fast Break Club's support of UO Women's Basketball and earn  your chance at owning some UO history!  Get your raffle tickets now!



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