Photos Posted of UO WBB vs Lamar (84-67) Win

Lamar album snip

Visit our public Facebook photo gallery
to catch some of the best action
from Sunday's game against Lamar.

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2016-17 Home Game Schedule

Below is the schedule for the UO WBB games played in Oregon.
Visit for full schedule and broadcast info.

   Oct 29 (Sat) 7:00 PM    Northwest Christian

    Nov 13 (Sun) 2:00 PM    Lamar

    Nov 18 (Fri) 6:00 PM    CSU Bakersfield

    Nov 20 (Sun) 2:00 PM    UTSA

    Nov 22 (Tue) 8:00 PM    Michigan State

    Dec 4 (Sun) 2:00 PM    Vanguard

    Dec 9 (Fri) 6:00 PM    Portland

    Dec 17 (Sat) 5:00 PM    Portland State  (at Portland)

    Dec 20 (Tue) 12:00 PM    Idaho

    Dec 30 (Fri) 3:00 PM    Pac-12 Washington

    Jan 1 (Sun) 2:00 PM    Pac-12 Washington State

    Jan 20 (Fri) 6:00 PM    Pac-12 Colorado

    Jan 22 (Sun) 1:00 PM    Pac-12 Utah

    Jan 27 (Fri) 8:00 PM    Pac-12 Oregon State

    Jan 29 (Sun) 11:00 AM    Pac-12 Oregon State (at Corvallis)

    Feb 10 (Fri) 6:00 PM    Pac-12 UCLA

    Feb 12 (Sun) 11:00 AM    Pac-12 USC

    Feb 24 (Fri) 6:00 PM    Pac-12 California

    Feb 26 (Sun) 1:00 PM    Pac-12 Stanford

                              ~  ~  ~  ~

2017 Pac-12 WBB Tournament Schedule

   Mar 2 (Thu) All Day     - First Round

   Mar 3 (Fri) All Day    - Quarterfinals

   Mar 4 (Sat) All Day    - Semifinals

   Mar 5 (Sun) 6:00 PM    - Championship

ALUMNI DAY at Matt Arena!

UO WBB fans were treated to an early Alumni Day at the first game of the 2016-17 season.  Check out our photo gallery on Facebook and see how many players you can identify!  Share your info in the comments section!   Click here to view the photos in Facebook.

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