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160117 soc quad 2Here’s yet another opportunity for UO Fast Break Club Members to meet and mingle with our wonderful Ducks and their coaches.  The players being highlighted this social are Lexi Bando, Mar’Shay Moore, Jacinta Vandenberg, & Megan Trinder.

The UO Fast Break Club Socials and annual FBC summer BBQ are the cornerstone opportunity for our current Fast Break Club members to meet the coaches, players, and their families.
There are at least four post-game socials each UO WBB season and there are at least three ways to become a Member of the UO Fast Break Club so you can attend!  Membership also guarantees your invitation to our Annual Summer BBQ & Picnic where we meet the new and returning players and coaches. 

~ You can join at the door of any Social. 
~ You can download a membership brochure and mail in a check. 
~ Or you now can pay online by credit card! 

160117 soc quad 1Here’s what's in store for the Sunday, January 31, 2016 FBC Members Social:

  1. The doors will be opened after the game. Folks on the gate list will be admitted. Families & friends of coaches & players also admitted. Each person will be given a raffle ticket.
  2. Folks can pick up snacks, find a seat, and chat.
  3. About 10-15 minutes into the social, we will hold the raffle (door prize) drawing, usually with a player drawing. [Takes 5 min]
  4. * We will invite the four featured players forward for an “ice-breaker” conducted by Lynell Stokes. She’ll come ready to play a game called "3 things in 5 seconds".
    Essentially, the players, one at a time, are asked to answer a question that starts out with “Name 3 things…” When they answer they hit a buzzer to stop the time. They have to answer within 5 seconds. If they do they get a point. Example questions are: Name 3 things you do to get ready before a game, Name 3 things you do to prepare for an exam Name 3 things you do on your day off, Name 3 of your favorite musicians, etc. It’s a fun game and it’s competitive. We think the players will love it – it’s fast, funny and allows us to learn something new about the players. It won’t take much time either.
  5. A coach will then take over, asking each player in turn to come forward. The coach will comment on the player, share insights about her, etc. then give the player time to speak. After that, the coach will allow questions to the player from the floor.
  6. When all four players have been featured, the social will move to the “mingle” part.

    *If the players are busy giving autographs after the game and will arrive later than 15 minutes, then we’ll ask a coach to speak to the us about the game, and recent games too.

Did you know that FBC members can bring a guest to a social?  The Fast Break Club member inviting the guest needs to fill out a form at the door before entering. A guest can visit only once this season. We will have Membership brochures at the door too, since we're assuming you are bringing a guest in hopes they will join the Fast Break Club!

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