Oregon Women's Basketball SENIOR BANQUET 2017 Saturday April 15!
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Celebrating the end of summer with the UO WBB team and coaches....

Our UO FBC end of summer, beginning of the new season picnic gathering with UO WBB team members, coaches and their families was a great success this past August! Over 70 UO FBC members attended the afternoon at Wayne Morse Ranch.   This is one of the best perks of FBC membership!

Coaches, players, and UO FBC members love this informal afternoon of fun as a chance to eat, play and socialize with each other.  Kelly Graves, Jodie Berry, Xavi Lopez and Megan Murphy  made the FBC feel appreciated and are great sports joining in all the fun!

New player Anneli Maley from Australia was in attendance as well as returning players Morgan Yaeger, Justine Hall, Lexi Bando, Lydia Giomi, Oti Gildon, Mallory McGwire, Sierra Campisano. Many of the players still hadn't arrived back in Oregon, yet but previous players Mar'Shay Moore and Katie Gruys joined us for the afternoon which was a special treat!

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