Do you have feedback on our Corvallis Civil War group seats?
Photos are posted of Alumni Day & the UO win over USC in double overtime (80-74)

Upcoming Fast Break Club Elections!

The Club will hold a Member Social and Meeting after the Stanford Game (February 4th 2018).   We will meet downstairs in the Founders Club after the game (the wood-lined room at the bottom of the stairs).   In addition to meeting some 'behind-the-scenes' team staff, we will handle our required elections & annual business.   This should be a fun, quick get-together.   Below are details on the voting/elections that will happen at the meeting.



The following amendment will be voted on at our meeting on February 4, 2018.

Change to Article 6

B. will read as follows:   The last scheduled meeting in the spring may serve as the Annual Meeting of the membership. At the Annual Meeting, a quorum shall consist of those members present at the meeting, irrespective of the number or percentage of members present. Other meetings of the membership for the conducting of club business may be called at the discretion of the Board. Notice to the membership of the meeting date and purpose will be sent via email and website posting at least 10 days prior to the event.



The Fast Break Club will be electing officers at the social on February 4, 2018. Now is the time to get to know those people who are running.

  • VICE-PRESIDENT – MICHAEL RAINWATER -Mike a native Oregonian is retired from both law enforcement and teaching. He has been on the FBC board for one year.
  • SECRETARY – LINDA BERG – Linda is also a native Oregonian retired and is retired from the Post Office. She has been on the FBC board for eight years.
  • DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR – CAROL JAMES – My names is Carol James and I am running for Development Director. I have no experience in marketing, advertising, or fund raising, but I have the time and an interest in learning what ways FBC might be able to raise money and/or community support for the Oregon Women’s Basketball program. I am currently the Bingo Coordinator and organized the tickets for the Civil War game in Corvallis and bought the glow light things to see if that might be something FBC could do in the future. Thank you for your support.
  • MEMBER RECRUITMENT DIRECTOR – HALLY MCCABE – Hally works for the Forest Service and has been going to Oregon WBB games since 1979.
  • MEMBER SERVICES DIRECTOR – JUDY LONG – Judy went to school at the University of Washington but now considers herself a duck for life. She is retired and has been a FBC board member for 10+ years.
    • Denise works for Lane Community College and has been on the FBC board for 10+ years.
    • Sharon is a native Oregonian, retired from teaching and has been on the FBC board for 5 years.
    • Janet is a huge Oregon duck fan with WBB being her favorite.
    • Tammy is a FBC member along with her husband and WBB fan daughter.