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Fast Break Club Bingo Report for the 2017-18 season


WOW !!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped or bought bingo cards this year. While I don’t have all the records from way back, but I am pretty sure this was one of the best years ever!. FBC sold 18,532 bingo cards over 17 home games for an average of 1,090 per game. The high for the season was against UCLA with 1,958 cards sold. FBC bingo paid out a total of $8,490 to a total of 42 winners. The average pot was $499 with the maximum pot of $750 reached on 3 separate occasions. Best of all, the Fast Break Club netted $10,042 to support its programs, including continuing funding of the Teresa Smith Women’s Basketball Scholarship endowment.

Again, thank you to all who support this fun fund raiser, and especially to those who help out with card sales, including Ane, Max, Ann, Terri, Chris T., Karen, Kris, Cambra, Steve, Michele, Chris B., Linda, Mike, Shirley, Diana, LaRosa, Troyleen, Mel, and Rachel.

- Carol James -- Fast Break Club Bingo


PS From Steve:

If you know someone that might be interested in selling bingo next season, they can always contact Carol:

Bingo sellers can get into the game for free, welcome lots of happy fans, and help support our Duck WBB.  They don't have to commit to selling every game.

- Steve -- Fast Break Club email guy, and fellow bingo seller :)