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BINGO: Try It! You might like it


We could use a few fans willing sell BINGO -- even if just once or twice a season when we need extra help.   It never hurts to have more BINGO sellers, but there are a few games where we have the most need:

  • We need extra help for the 'Big Games':  Huge crowds can use more sellers (example: Mississippi State!)
  • We need extra help for Early Friday Games -- especially during Conference play:  For a 6pm Friday game, BINGO sellers need to arrive @ 4:45 to be ready for the doors opening @ 5pm.   Our regular sellers with jobs usually can't make it in time for BINGO selling.

If you have any interest, contact our BINGO Director, Carol James (carolj1428@comcast.net, or 541-746-7400).   Carol can resolve any questions and concerns you have, find a game for you to try it out, and pair you with an experienced seller to make it a positive experience.   If you like it, you can choose when you try selling again.


Extra info (if you wanted it):

You don't need to be an FBC member, though we are looking for *responsible* fans that will work to support the WBB program.  It is possible to sell BINGO without being a ticket holder.   (You get free general-admission entry into the game).   So, you can refer your friends!

BINGO sellers normally arrive 1h:15m before game time, so they can be ready when the doors open to the public.

You can see Carol's BINGO report from last season (here), about the funds raised.   This season, Satou Sabally is the recipient of the Teresa Smith Women's Basketball Scholarship that the FBC supports.

BINGO sellers welcome lots of happy fans to MKA and help support our Duck WBB.   Look at it as another way to do your bit to help a program you love.  Most often, you are just 'selling' to fans that have bought a ticket every game for years.  Sometimes you are answering common questions for new fans ('where is the nearest restroom?')