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FBC Travel Tips: Mountains

Disclaimer: There are no easy 'tips' for this trip:

We'll keep this short, because this trip is probably for the advanced traveler that doesn't need any tips.  It is complicated for both the team, and fans. You likely need three one-way tickets, possibly flying multiple airlines. You likely need two hotels, a rental car or two, and extra road time between Denver<>Boulder.

Both locations are wonderful, but consider whether you really want a rushed multi-state visit to the mountains in the winter.   😃



  • Delta flies non-stop from Eugene to Salt Lake (one of the Delta hubs). Other airlines currently need a stop from Eugene.
  • University of Utah is ~10 miles (~25 minutes) away. Optionally, you can use Uber/Lyft for this, without renting a car.   
  • WBB home page (link)
  • Utah WBB plays in the Jon M. Huntsman Center
  • Utah Tourism: Things to do in Salt Lake City (link)


  • The quickest route is normally to fly to Denver International Airport, then rent a car and drive to Boulder.   (45 minutes is optimistic drive time, plus any rental time, toll roads, etc.  Some say to estimate 90 minutes)
  • There are some other DEN<>Boulder transportation options you should consider (link)
  • United has nonstop EUG-DEN flights.
  • WBB home page (link).  
  • Colorado plays in the 'CU Events Center' in Boulder.
  • Colorado Tourism's Things to Do (link)

Travel between Utah/Colorado:

  • There are a number of nonstop flights between SLC<>DEN on the weekend (via Delta, United, Frontier). This gives you at least *some* flexibility in planning.