Chalk Talk Schedule announced for 2019-20 season

Away Game Watch Parties

Disclaimer:  These are not official, hosted club 'parties'. 

  • We're merely providing a fall-back option for people for some that are looking for a spot to watch the game.  
  • We have talked to Prime Time Sports Bar and Grill about welcoming us WBB fans.  Local sports bars have been far more hospitable to UOWBB lately, so you likely have a local spot you prefer.    
  • PS: Thank you Carol James, for arranging this


Prime Time Sports Bar and Grill

  • 1360 Mohawk Blvd
  • Springfield
  • 541-746-0549
  • Please note that minors are not allowed in Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill during all hours.
  • Web site
  • Google Maps


at Syracuse on Sunday, November 24 at 1:00 PM PT -- ACC TV

  • This game is currently scheduled for ACC TV, a channel the local Comcast cable does not carry.  (It is on Directv and Dish, depending on your package)
  • Prime Time Sports Bar and Grill (info above) will carry this game on ACC channel for any fan 21 or over.
  • Prime Time officials say the only issue maybe that because most of the NFL games this Sunday start at 10:00 AM and as such may not be completed by 1:00 pm, the start time of the women’s game. Depending on who is watching which NFL game, a TV may not be available until 1:10 pm or later. But perhaps enough Duck fans there before 1:00 pm may get the channel changed to the women’s game at game time.


at the Paradise Jam -- Nov 28-30th @ 12:15 PM PT -- FLOHOOPS TV

  • vs Oklahoma State on Thursday, November 28 at 12:15 PM PT
  • vs UT Arlington State on Friday, November 29 at 12:15 PM PT
  • vs Louisville on Saturday, November 30 at 12:15 PM PT


  • These games on FLOHOOPS TV.   This is $20/mo "channel" you can subscribe to stream over the internet.  It's a pain to subscribe/unsubscribe just to watch these 3 games. 
  • Prime Time Sports Bar and Grill (info above) will carry these games for any fans 21 and over who wish to see the games on the big TV.
  • Caveats:  As this is the Thanksgiving holiday, regular staff may be on holiday, and the staff present may not be aware of how to get these games on Prime Time’s access system. Fans, particularly those for the Thanksgiving Day game against Oklahoma State, should get to Prime Time early to avoid missing the beginning of the game.


Other Games?  TBD!

  • At this time we don't have any plans for UCONN or Pac-12 away games, which are on more mainstream networks (Pac-12 and ESPN/ESPN).