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Away Game Watch Parties

March 5-8 -- Pac-12 Tournament (TV: Final game on ESPN2.  The rest on PAC-12)

  • Our Bingo-Lady will be in Vegas, so won't be at Prime Time.   She did check-in with them for anyone that needs a place to see the games, and if you go there, the staff can direct you to where to sit for the WBB game.
  • SPECIAL NOTE for the Saturday Semi-Final game:   There will be UFC fights televised at PrimeTime from 5-10 pm.  They will have the sound on for the basketball games only in the back area. Also suggested time of arrival is before 5pm for the 6pm semi final, to hold a spot.

Prime Time Sports Bar and Grill

  • 1360 Mohawk Blvd
  • Springfield
  • 541-746-0549
  • Please note that minors are not allowed in Prime Time Sports Bar & Grill during all hours.
  • Web site
  • Google Maps


Disclaimer:  These are not official, hosted club 'parties'. 

  • We're merely providing a fall-back option for people for some that are looking for a spot to watch the game with a few fellow fans.
  • We have talked to Prime Time Sports Bar and Grill about welcoming us WBB fans.  Local sports bars have been far more hospitable to UOWBB lately, so you likely have a local spot you prefer.    
  • PS: Thank you Carol James, for arranging this