1st Fast Break Club Social of the Year!

Attention all Fast Break Club Members...

The key word here is "members."  You have to be a member of the  the women's basketball booster club to attend.  The good news is that you still have time to join. 

Sunday's event, December 6th, is the first of five socials planned by the club. Others will be after games on January 3rd with Washington State, February 6th with Oregon State, February 13th with Arizona State, and February 27th with UCLA.

But that's not all the perks membership brings.  Three chalk talks are scheduled an hour before games January 23rd with Stanford, February 11th with Arizona, and February 25th with USC.  Fans will get a scouting report by one of the coaches.

You can't miss out on this kind of fun!  See tje Membership page for info on joining!