160117 soc quad 2Here’s yet another opportunity for UO Fast Break Club Members to meet and mingle with our wonderful Ducks and their coaches.  The players being highlighted this social are Lexi Bando, Mar’Shay Moore, Jacinta Vandenberg, & Megan Trinder.

The UO Fast Break Club Socials and annual FBC summer BBQ are the cornerstone opportunity for our current Fast Break Club members to meet the coaches, players, and their families.
There are at least four post-game socials each UO WBB season and there are at least three ways to become a Member of the UO Fast Break Club so you can attend!  Membership also guarantees your invitation to our Annual Summer BBQ & Picnic where we meet the new and returning players and coaches. 

~ You can join at the door of any Social. 
~ You can download a membership brochure and mail in a check. 
~ Or you now can pay online by credit card! 

160117 soc quad 1Here’s what's in store for the Sunday, January 31, 2016 FBC Members Social:

  1. The doors will be opened after the game. Folks on the gate list will be admitted. Families & friends of coaches & players also admitted. Each person will be given a raffle ticket.
  2. Folks can pick up snacks, find a seat, and chat.
  3. About 10-15 minutes into the social, we will hold the raffle (door prize) drawing, usually with a player drawing. [Takes 5 min]
  4. * We will invite the four featured players forward for an “ice-breaker” conducted by Lynell Stokes. She’ll come ready to play a game called "3 things in 5 seconds".
    Essentially, the players, one at a time, are asked to answer a question that starts out with “Name 3 things…” When they answer they hit a buzzer to stop the time. They have to answer within 5 seconds. If they do they get a point. Example questions are: Name 3 things you do to get ready before a game, Name 3 things you do to prepare for an exam Name 3 things you do on your day off, Name 3 of your favorite musicians, etc. It’s a fun game and it’s competitive. We think the players will love it – it’s fast, funny and allows us to learn something new about the players. It won’t take much time either.
  5. A coach will then take over, asking each player in turn to come forward. The coach will comment on the player, share insights about her, etc. then give the player time to speak. After that, the coach will allow questions to the player from the floor.
  6. When all four players have been featured, the social will move to the “mingle” part.

    *If the players are busy giving autographs after the game and will arrive later than 15 minutes, then we’ll ask a coach to speak to the us about the game, and recent games too.

Did you know that FBC members can bring a guest to a social?  The Fast Break Club member inviting the guest needs to fill out a form at the door before entering. A guest can visit only once this season. We will have Membership brochures at the door too, since we're assuming you are bringing a guest in hopes they will join the Fast Break Club!

160117 soc quad 3


Be part of the excitement! Join the UO Fast Break Club!

151221 NCAA rank wbb graphicWe only have one game left before Pac-12 Conference season starts!  This preseason has been one of the most exciting preseasons fans have seen in a long time.  The spark is back and those of you who have been attending the preseason games know what we mean.

The UO Fast Break Club is all about supporting the team and many of you have already renewed your UO Fast Break Club membership or you've joined for the first time.  THANK YOU.  We can't support the team without you!  For those of you that haven't joined or renewed yet, please consider coming on board!

The Fast Break Club is there supporting our team every year, not just the good years, but the success and commitment we are seeing from the team this year makes it especially easy for us to ask you to become a UO Fast Break Club member if you haven't yet renewed or joined.
Pac-12 Conference games are the time for the UO Fast Break Club to shine with our FBC Members Socials bringing the players, coaches and community together for camaraderie and celebration.  It's the team's chance to say thanks for the support the club brings with annual scholarships and special projects that enhance the UO experience.

For those of you that haven't joined or renewed yet, please consider coming on board!  Here's how...

To pay online...

Choose your membership level from the drop down menu.  (You do not need a Paypal account to pay online.)

Choose your UO FBC Membership Level

To pay using a check...

  • Download Membership Brochure and choose your FBC Membership level.
  • Make your Membership payment check out to Fast Break Club
  • Mail it to UO Women's Basketball / FBC, 2727 Leo Harris Parkway. Eugene, OR 97401

Then join us at our first FBC Member Social after the UO vs OSU game on Jan 10!


More info on FBC Membership

Maite Cazorla - a Double-Double vs. PSU, Points & Assists!

Our UO Fast Break Club Preseason Wrap-Up Newsletter has just gone out to our FBC fans and supporters inviting them to come on board as members for the Pac-12 Season.  This was just one of the articles included in that FBC Newsletter for members.  Click here for full membership information.
IMG_3745-4-mc-yYou may have noticed at the end of home games that they announce the player of the game (MVP). You have also heard Maite's name quite a bit recently. Perhaps you have also read articles written about our freshman point guard. She is brilliant! She has exceptional floor vision! Her passes are crisp and well timed. The Pac-12 has noticed too: Maite has been named Pac-12 Freshman of the Week!  (See for more.)

As the game with Portland State wound down, Coach Graves, properly, let up on the pedal and brought the starters to the bench. However, I wanted Maite to stay in because a friend sitting behind me had already told me that Maite with 12 assists was two assists away from tying the single game record. That record is 14 assists set by Corrie Mizusawa on November 25, 2003, playing at Gonzaga (go figure). Vanessa Selden first set the record of 14 on December 7, 1990 playing New Mexico in Mac Court (Trivia question: Where did Kelly Graves play college ball?)

Corrie Mizusawa also set the single season record in 2004-05, with 209 assists, an average of 7.0 per game. The career record for assists has two leaders that we remember fondly: Lauri Landerholm (1982-87) with 607 assists for an average of 5.1 per game, and Bev Smith (1978-82) with 443 assists for an average of 4.0 per game. Career records, as you might guess, get a big boost from consistent post-season play. 

(As an aside, looking at the Individual Career Records in this year's Media Guide from the GoDucks website drives home what a remarkable athlete Bev Smith was/is. What a gracious and wonderful member of our community she continues to be. Thanks, Bev!)

Get Your Duck Dates Lined Up In a Row... Membership has its benefits...

UO WBB preseason is wrapping up and the PAC-12 Conference games lie just around the corner.  It starts out with a bang!  A double header weekend of UO vs OSU Civil War games ~ Fri 1/8 at Corvallis and Sun 1/10 at Matt Arena. 

        ~ Chalk Talk 1hr before each ~

Jan 10 Sun. OSU 12p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*
Jan 15 Fri. STANFORD 6P
Jan 17 Sun. CALIFORNIA 2p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*
Jan 29 Fri. ARIZONA ST 8p
Jan 31 Sun. ARIZONA 12p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*

Feb 12 Fri. UTAH 6p
Feb 14 Sun. COLORADO 4p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*
Feb 19 Fri. UCLA 6p
Feb 21 Sun. USC 2p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*

UO Fast Break Club supporters have been receiving information packed emails about the upcoming games, team stats, opponent reviews and much more.  Become a member for the UO Fast Break Club and you too can continue to be in the loop. 

Here's just one example of the great info that is passed on to UO FBC members...   This year Carol James, FBC Board member (and a former Duck basketball player) has gathered some information about how you can arrange to attend certain away games starting with a block of tickets she has reserved for the Fri Jan 8 Civil War game in Corvallis!  Think how fun it would be to be able to sit with other Duck fans while away at a Pac-12 game!

AllIn tshirt DEHWe have UO Fast Break Club Members Socials lined up for every Sunday Pac-12 home game!  (*See dates above.) 

Each Social will focus on honoring either the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior players.  This team is very outgoing at the socials and we love letting them know how much we like supporting them.  Come be part of the Go Ducks spirit through a membership in the UO Fast Break Club!  Your support helps us support the team!


Newsletter ~ Meet the players video!

141123-NC-112-wm2A quick recap on Sunday's game against 11th ranked North Carolina...  The final score may have been 76-59 but that doesn't tell the story of the Ducks being up 24-14 ten minutes into the first half.  The Ducks went to the locker room at half-time STILL ahead, but just by one point.  The Tar Heels came back in the second-half with all the answers and, despite some scrappy play by the Ducks, just kept stretching their lead. 

We've just posted the game photo highlights on our Flickr account,  Check them out!

NEXT GAME:  Portland State, TUESDAY, 11/25, 6 PM.


Remember there will be a CHALK TALK before every home game from here on out.  They begin 50 minutes before game time and last only 15 minutes or so.  This is an excellent way for fans to tune up for the game! Everyone is invited, not just FBC members, so bring a friend or two!


Web-110212Yes.  The UO Fast Break Club's halftime BINGO has begun!  Look for the bingo sellers out in the hallways.  They'll have on their green aprons and will be loaded with especially lucky cards.  Remember, sales of these bingo cards help the Fast Break Club to support the women's basketball program at UO.


In the time between the chalk talks and the games, the FBC will "set up shop" in the McArthur Club.  We'll be available to answer questions, chat, provide membership brochures, you name it.  We have a new table-top banner that fits nicely on the small round tables.  Look for us!


The Fast Break Club has purchased 22 reserved seating tickets behind the Oregon bench.  The actual tickets arrive sometime after Christmas.  These 22 tickets will be sold at cost ($11) to any FBC member first-come, first-serve. 

It's a great time to join or renew your Fast Break Club membership to enjoy this great perk and sit with a great group of Duck fans behind the UO bench at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis on January 9! 

Need to join or renew?  Find us in the McArthur Club before all home games or visit our FBC Membership webpage to see all the great FBC membership benefits and to print out a mail-in membership form.

If you're interested in the reserved seats behind the UO bench for the January 9 Civil War game in Corvallis you can email Jim Long (


Meet the new crew and returning players in this video with scenes from the Fast Break Club's Annual BBQ for FBC members, the UO WBB team players and coaching staff plus a look at the first open scrimmage to see the team's new dynamics in action! 

(Click here for link to video.)

BREAKING NEWS.... more honors for Alleyne

Just announced by UO media:  Junior forward Jillian Alleyne has been named one of 30 members to the preseason Wooden Award watch list, the organization announced Monday.

The Wooden Award is annually give to the top player in both men's and women's basketball.

The women's basketball list is comprised of 30 student-athletes who are the early front runners for college basketball’s most prestigious honor. The list is chosen by a preseason poll of national women’s college basketball media members.

Alleyne is one of five players from the Pac-12 selected to the group. Alleyne was also one of five players named preseason all-Pac-12 this season by the media.