Fast Break Club Bingo Report for the 2017-18 season


WOW !!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped or bought bingo cards this year. While I don’t have all the records from way back, but I am pretty sure this was one of the best years ever!. FBC sold 18,532 bingo cards over 17 home games for an average of 1,090 per game. The high for the season was against UCLA with 1,958 cards sold. FBC bingo paid out a total of $8,490 to a total of 42 winners. The average pot was $499 with the maximum pot of $750 reached on 3 separate occasions. Best of all, the Fast Break Club netted $10,042 to support its programs, including continuing funding of the Teresa Smith Women’s Basketball Scholarship endowment.

Again, thank you to all who support this fun fund raiser, and especially to those who help out with card sales, including Ane, Max, Ann, Terri, Chris T., Karen, Kris, Cambra, Steve, Michele, Chris B., Linda, Mike, Shirley, Diana, LaRosa, Troyleen, Mel, and Rachel.

- Carol James -- Fast Break Club Bingo


PS From Steve:

If you know someone that might be interested in selling bingo next season, they can always contact Carol:

Bingo sellers can get into the game for free, welcome lots of happy fans, and help support our Duck WBB.  They don't have to commit to selling every game.

- Steve -- Fast Break Club email guy, and fellow bingo seller :)

Happy Thanksgiving to All Duck Fans, Players Past and Present as well as Coaching Staff!

Turkey portrait

There are no turkeys on this Duck team!

To celebrate Thanksgiving the UO Fast Break Club has completed posting photo galleries for all the 2017-18 home games thus far.  See the table below to easily navigate to the specific galleries.  Share your favorite photos with your friends on social media!

We've also posted a video on YouTube highlighting the Freshman who were the special guests at our first UO FBC Members Social of the season last Tuesday.  You can tell that these freshman are coming off the bench in a full court press that doesn't quit.   Check out #0 Satou Sabally, #14 Lydia Giomi, #15 Anneli Maley, and #31 Aina Ayuso as well as a few of our other players.  (#21 Erin Boley is a Red Shirt Freshman this year so we will have to wait until next season to get some game photos of her in action.)

As your Thanksgiving meal is settling or you're munching on leftovers, enjoy some of these great images of our awesome team!  Then plan to attend the PK80 Invitational Doubleheader at Matt Arena on Saturday, November 25 : UConn vs. Michigan State | 12 p.m. PT and Oregon vs. Oklahoma | 2:30 p.m. PT.  Be sure to join the Fast Break Club to be included in our upcoming December Socials featuring the other players!

UO Fast Break Club Freshman YouTube VIDEO


UO Fast Break Club Member Social 11/21/2017
UO WBB vs Eastern Washington (81-41) 11/21/2017
UO WBB vs DRAKE (110-74) 11/12/2017
UO WBB vs CSUN (91-43) 11/10/17
UO WBB vs Westmont (71-32) 11/5/2017
UO WBB vs Portland State 10/28/17




Third Social Friday, Feb 24 after Cal Game!

SelfieFast Break Club members get ready!  Friday, February 24 will be an hors d'oeuvres Social with featured Seniors Jacinta Vandenberg and Mar'Shay Moore and players Lexi Bando, Maite Cazorla, and Megan Trinder right after the Cal game.

We will be showcasing a new video of season highlights with a special retro look at the careers of Jacinta and Mar'Shay!

You can join at the door to the Founders Club to enjoy this last Social of the season and then join us for more members' fun during summer!

Our Annual Summer BBQ is a special time for our 2016-17 Fast Break Club members to welcome our team for the next year's season.  Get a chance to socialize with the coaching staff and their families as well as with the new and returning players.  This is always a fun filled day of good food, good friends and Go Ducks spirit!

Plus the final benefit for FBC Membership for the 2016-17 Season is a special invitation for a visit to the Nike Employee Store during August 2017!

Click here to join now.

First UO Fast Break Club Members SOCIAL on Friday, January 20 after the Colorado game!

There is a lot to be excited about with this 2016-17 UO Women's Basketball team!  They've got grit and spunk and a no quit attitude that is moving them ever forward in a tough Pac-12 Conference. 
Do you want to be part of supporting these awesome student athletes?  Here's your opportunity, and a chance to have a lot of fun too! 
160117-Social-7548The UO Fast Break Club brings the team players, coaches and community members together in both serious and fun ways whether it's raising scholarship money through Half-Time Bingo or hosting BBQ's, Dessert and Ice Cream Socials where you can mix and meet in a friendly environment.
Our first UO Fast Break Club members Social is next Friday, January 20, 2017 after the 6pm Colorado game in the Founder's Club.  If you love UO Women's Basketball join the UO Fast Break Club and take your support up to the next level.
Find out more about the FBC membership benefits we have lined up for you for the rest of the season and into next summer.  Join online today!
Friday, January 20, 2017
after the 6pm Colorado game

~ Door Prize Drawings
~ Engaging social activities
~ Featured players include:
Sabrina, Ruthy, Mallory, Sierra, Lydia
~ Plus participate in the Mannequin Challenge

Hold the Dates for these Future Socials:
Friday, February 10 after 6pm UCLA game

with featured players Morgan Yaeger, Lauren Yearwood, Oti Gildon, and Justine Hall
Sunday, February 26 after 1pm Stanford game
 NEW DATE:  Friday, Feb. 24
 after 6pm Cal game
-- hors d'oeuvres SOCIAL

with featured players Lexi Bando, Maite Cazorla, Mar'Shay Moore, Jacinta Vandenberg, and Megan Trinder
Then watch for more fun in August when our Annual Summer BBQ comes around just for our 2016-17 Fast Break Club members when we welcome our team for the next year's season.

New Fast Break Club members t-shirts!

2015 logo_a_snipHave you been thinking about joining the UO Fast Break Club so you can enjoy this exciting UO WBB season with other like minded Duck fans?  Now is a great time to do it!

The new Fast Break Club white, long-sleeved shirts will be sold to FBC members in the Founder's Club immediately after the Chalk Talk before the 11/22 game against Michigan. 

There won't be a lot of time between the end of the Chalk Talk and the beginning of the game so join the FBC online (click here) now so you qualify to purchase the new t-shirts on Tuesday! 

The shirts cost $20 each and are only sold to FBC members. There's a wide range of sizes too. Sales will be CASH ONLY.  You can buy more than one.