Would you like to attend the 1/8 Corvallis Civil War game with a group of Duck-supporting fans?

Tickets in the greenest section of Gill Coliseum are now available through the FBC!
UO logoThings kick off in a big way at the beginning of January with two tough away games at UCLA and USC followed by the CIVIL WAR games at Corvallis on Friday, January 8 and in Eugene on Sunday, January 10. 
OSU logoFBC Board member, Carol James has a block of reserved seating tickets at $14 each that will give you a seat in the greenest section of Gill ColiseumRequest your tickets directly from Carol.  You will find her at the Raffle table by the North Entrance of Matt Arena before the Monday, Dec 28 6pm game against Seattle.  (She will also sell you a $5 raffle ticket for a chance at winning a framed, signed Marcus Mariota cover Sports Illustrated.)
Speaking of Sunday games, the Fast Break Club Members Socials are scheduled for 5 Sundays in January and February.  We have some new plans in the works for our Member Socials!  The team and coaches are more committed than ever in making the FBC Socials something special.  Put these dates on your calendar...
Jan 10 after OSU game
Jan 17 after CAL game
Jan 31 after Arizona game
Feb 14 after Colorado game
Feb 21 after USC game

Get Your Duck Dates Lined Up In a Row... Membership has its benefits...

UO WBB preseason is wrapping up and the PAC-12 Conference games lie just around the corner.  It starts out with a bang!  A double header weekend of UO vs OSU Civil War games ~ Fri 1/8 at Corvallis and Sun 1/10 at Matt Arena. 

        ~ Chalk Talk 1hr before each ~

Jan 10 Sun. OSU 12p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*
Jan 15 Fri. STANFORD 6P
Jan 17 Sun. CALIFORNIA 2p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*
Jan 29 Fri. ARIZONA ST 8p
Jan 31 Sun. ARIZONA 12p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*

Feb 12 Fri. UTAH 6p
Feb 14 Sun. COLORADO 4p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*
Feb 19 Fri. UCLA 6p
Feb 21 Sun. USC 2p ~ FBC MEMBERS SOCIAL after game*

UO Fast Break Club supporters have been receiving information packed emails about the upcoming games, team stats, opponent reviews and much more.  Become a member for the UO Fast Break Club and you too can continue to be in the loop. 

Here's just one example of the great info that is passed on to UO FBC members...   This year Carol James, FBC Board member (and a former Duck basketball player) has gathered some information about how you can arrange to attend certain away games starting with a block of tickets she has reserved for the Fri Jan 8 Civil War game in Corvallis!  Think how fun it would be to be able to sit with other Duck fans while away at a Pac-12 game!

AllIn tshirt DEHWe have UO Fast Break Club Members Socials lined up for every Sunday Pac-12 home game!  (*See dates above.) 

Each Social will focus on honoring either the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior players.  This team is very outgoing at the socials and we love letting them know how much we like supporting them.  Come be part of the Go Ducks spirit through a membership in the UO Fast Break Club!  Your support helps us support the team!


Oregon Women's Basketball 2014-15 End of Season BANQUET

Sunday, April 19, 2015
10:00 AM  Check-In & Social
11:00 AM Brunch and Program
RAFFLE by the UO Fast Break Club
Cost: $25

150331 BanquetPoster Apr19Register for the banquet online at
Or email illya@uoregon.edu to pre-register and pay at the door on the day of the event.  
Prior to Wednesday April 15.

Oregon Women's Basketball
2014-15 End of Season BANQUET

Matthew Knight Arena McArthur Club

Enter at the North Entrance of Arena facing Franklin Blvd.
Parking will be on the street, no charge of meters on Sundays.



Getting Ready for the Next UO Fast Break Club Members Social on Saturday, January 31 after the UCLA game...

141221-Social-981-lkUO Fast Break Club members are invited to attend
the next UO FBC members Social...

SAT. JAN 31 after the 12:30 UCLA game –

Featuring Juniors Jillian Alleyne, and Lexi Petersen.

We still have half the 2014-15 Season's FBC Socials to go!  To find out how to become a UO FBC member, CLICK HERE.


SUN. FEB 15 AFTER 4:30 ASU GAME – Featuring Seniors Marie Berthuel, Amanda Delgado, Katelyn Loper, and Megan Carpenter.

The Socials are one of the key benefits of being a UO FBC member as you can see...  It's a great opportunity to kick back and socialize with the players, their families and the coaching staff, as well as other WBB fans.



Check out these photo albums from past FBC Socials this season:


after the FRESNO STATE game: CLICK HERE 
Featuring Freshmen Tatum Neubert, Lexi Bando and Sophmore Drea Toler.




after 1pm WSU game:  CLICK HERE
Featuring Juniors Jacinta Vandenberg, Katie Gruys, and Jordan Loera.



Chrishae Rowe Dismissed for Team Rules Violation

Tonight is the opening game for the UO WBB team with an exhibition game against Westmont at 2pm at Matthew Knight Arena but the game will unfold in a way none of us expected.

Yesterday (Friday, 11/7/14) the Fast Break Club received a notice from the UO Athletic Department that Chrishae Rowe had been dismissed from the UO WBB team for a team rules violation.  Today there were a number articles in the media about this with additional info from follow-up interviews with Coach Kelly Graves.  (See below links.)

While Coach Graves did not elaborate on what the violation was he did state that there was no unlawful behavior on Rowe's part and that she is still enrolled in the UofO on an athletic scholarship.


While fans are disappointed they will not see this talented break-away scorer don the green and yellow #21 jersey this season, many realize that Coach Graves is focused on building a 'team of players' who have a commitment to the team and can "step up" their game and work together to create scoring opportunities both this season and beyond.

"Our mission is to create something great here at the University of Oregon and our players need to buy in to all aspects of that mission," Graves said in a news release.

"Our team culture, long-term, is more important than wins and losses short-term."

The new tone of play was evident to fans during the first open scrimmage held last month.  (Click here for video of 2014-15 players, coaches and open scrimmage.)  The players definitely have 'game' and are ready to learn a new style of play and start this season fresh.


It's time for us to 'step up' and let these student athletes know that we are here to support them one and all.  There is a great line-up of talent that has the opportunity to make a big difference for UO WBB.  Let’s also step up and make a difference for them!


Socials give FBC Members the opportunity to meet and greet the coaches, players and their families after some key home games.  Players say the support of the Fast Break Club folks help make their UO experience special.

Sun., December 21 - FBC SOCIAL after the 2pm game against Fresno State
Sun., January 18 FBC SOCIAL after the 1pm game against Washington State
Sat., January 31 FBC SOCIAL after the 12:30 game against UCLA
Sun., Febbruary - 15 FBC SOCIAL after the 4:30pm game against Arizona State

Read more about the other benefits of Fast Break Club membership here.

Be part of the 2014-15 team... 
Click here for ticket purchase information.  

See you at the game!


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