BINGO: Try It! You might like it


We could use a few fans willing sell BINGO -- even if just once or twice a season when we need extra help.   It never hurts to have more BINGO sellers, but there are a few games where we have the most need:

  • We need extra help for the 'Big Games':  Huge crowds can use more sellers (example: Mississippi State!)
  • We need extra help for Early Friday Games -- especially during Conference play:  For a 6pm Friday game, BINGO sellers need to arrive @ 4:45 to be ready for the doors opening @ 5pm.   Our regular sellers with jobs usually can't make it in time for BINGO selling.

If you have any interest, contact our BINGO Director, Carol James (, or 541-746-7400).   Carol can resolve any questions and concerns you have, find a game for you to try it out, and pair you with an experienced seller to make it a positive experience.   If you like it, you can choose when you try selling again.


Extra info (if you wanted it):

You don't need to be an FBC member, though we are looking for *responsible* fans that will work to support the WBB program.  It is possible to sell BINGO without being a ticket holder.   (You get free general-admission entry into the game).   So, you can refer your friends!

BINGO sellers normally arrive 1h:15m before game time, so they can be ready when the doors open to the public.

You can see Carol's BINGO report from last season (here), about the funds raised.   This season, Satou Sabally is the recipient of the Teresa Smith Women's Basketball Scholarship that the FBC supports.

BINGO sellers welcome lots of happy fans to MKA and help support our Duck WBB.   Look at it as another way to do your bit to help a program you love.  Most often, you are just 'selling' to fans that have bought a ticket every game for years.  Sometimes you are answering common questions for new fans ('where is the nearest restroom?')


2019 Tournament Planning


We'll have more planning tips later in the season, but for now consider marking your calendars.


2019 Pac-12 Women's Basketball Tournament  (link)

  • March 7-10, 2019
  • MGM Arena | Las Vegas, NV

  • All session tickets are officially on sale, as of October 31.
  • Oregon fans will also be able to purchase tickets thru the Oregon Athletic Department ticket office in February.
  • More early ticket info from Pac-12 here


2019 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament (link)

  • We know our Ducks will have to work hard to get to the tournament and will work even harder to hopefully host, and hopefully be seeded in the Portland regional!
  • The first two rounds, also referred to as the subregionals, will be played at the sites of the top 16 seeds, as was done in 2016–2018.
  • The Regional round is March 29 - April 1, 2019. We know other Pac-12 teams will be fighting very hard for the west-coast (Portland) spot… Oregon State is the official host for that regional event, so we know they’ll be fighting to play there.
  • If the Ducks make it to the Final Four & Championship, that would be in Tampa, Florida: April 5-7, 2019


Cities for future (2020-2024) Final Fours have been announced.  2020 will be in New Orleans!   (link)



Fast Break Club Bingo Report for the 2017-18 season


WOW !!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped or bought bingo cards this year. While I don’t have all the records from way back, but I am pretty sure this was one of the best years ever!. FBC sold 18,532 bingo cards over 17 home games for an average of 1,090 per game. The high for the season was against UCLA with 1,958 cards sold. FBC bingo paid out a total of $8,490 to a total of 42 winners. The average pot was $499 with the maximum pot of $750 reached on 3 separate occasions. Best of all, the Fast Break Club netted $10,042 to support its programs, including continuing funding of the Teresa Smith Women’s Basketball Scholarship endowment.

Again, thank you to all who support this fun fund raiser, and especially to those who help out with card sales, including Ane, Max, Ann, Terri, Chris T., Karen, Kris, Cambra, Steve, Michele, Chris B., Linda, Mike, Shirley, Diana, LaRosa, Troyleen, Mel, and Rachel.

- Carol James -- Fast Break Club Bingo


PS From Steve:

If you know someone that might be interested in selling bingo next season, they can always contact Carol:

Bingo sellers can get into the game for free, welcome lots of happy fans, and help support our Duck WBB.  They don't have to commit to selling every game.

- Steve -- Fast Break Club email guy, and fellow bingo seller :)

Photos are posted of Alumni Day & the UO win over USC in double overtime (80-74)

The February 16, 2018 win against USC in double overtime game was intense!

Public gallery:

180216-usc-1048   180216-usc-1020


And Friday was also ALUMNI DAY!

Public gallery:

180216-usc-547   180216-usc-598 

No. 9 Oregon and No. 7 UCLA meet Monday night in a top-10 women's basketball matchup at Mathew Knight Arena. With three games left in the regular season, the Ducks remain in a tie with Stanford for first in the Pac-12 standings.

The Ducks will honor seniors Lexi Bando and Justine Hall in a postgame ceremony as the duo plays their final home game of the year. The Ducks and Bruins will tip at 7 PM on ESPN.

See you at Matt Arena on Monday!


Upcoming Fast Break Club Elections!

The Club will hold a Member Social and Meeting after the Stanford Game (February 4th 2018).   We will meet downstairs in the Founders Club after the game (the wood-lined room at the bottom of the stairs).   In addition to meeting some 'behind-the-scenes' team staff, we will handle our required elections & annual business.   This should be a fun, quick get-together.   Below are details on the voting/elections that will happen at the meeting.



The following amendment will be voted on at our meeting on February 4, 2018.

Change to Article 6

B. will read as follows:   The last scheduled meeting in the spring may serve as the Annual Meeting of the membership. At the Annual Meeting, a quorum shall consist of those members present at the meeting, irrespective of the number or percentage of members present. Other meetings of the membership for the conducting of club business may be called at the discretion of the Board. Notice to the membership of the meeting date and purpose will be sent via email and website posting at least 10 days prior to the event.



The Fast Break Club will be electing officers at the social on February 4, 2018. Now is the time to get to know those people who are running.

  • VICE-PRESIDENT – MICHAEL RAINWATER -Mike a native Oregonian is retired from both law enforcement and teaching. He has been on the FBC board for one year.
  • SECRETARY – LINDA BERG – Linda is also a native Oregonian retired and is retired from the Post Office. She has been on the FBC board for eight years.
  • DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR – CAROL JAMES – My names is Carol James and I am running for Development Director. I have no experience in marketing, advertising, or fund raising, but I have the time and an interest in learning what ways FBC might be able to raise money and/or community support for the Oregon Women’s Basketball program. I am currently the Bingo Coordinator and organized the tickets for the Civil War game in Corvallis and bought the glow light things to see if that might be something FBC could do in the future. Thank you for your support.
  • MEMBER RECRUITMENT DIRECTOR – HALLY MCCABE – Hally works for the Forest Service and has been going to Oregon WBB games since 1979.
  • MEMBER SERVICES DIRECTOR – JUDY LONG – Judy went to school at the University of Washington but now considers herself a duck for life. She is retired and has been a FBC board member for 10+ years.
    • Denise works for Lane Community College and has been on the FBC board for 10+ years.
    • Sharon is a native Oregonian, retired from teaching and has been on the FBC board for 5 years.
    • Janet is a huge Oregon duck fan with WBB being her favorite.
    • Tammy is a FBC member along with her husband and WBB fan daughter.